The Liver

The Workhorse of the body. Our liver is truly amazing. Responsible for many actions and duties in the body, it has plus minus 500 items on its todo list. What we are interested in is its role in hormone levels ie, insulin as well as its role in blood pressure, toxin control, digestion and handling nutrients.

Posted date:21st Apr 2016

The Addiction Scenario

When a person repeats an action that causes stimulation and pleasure signaling in the brain. It can become addictive as the pleasure receptors desensitise over time. When there is an emotional or chemical dependency on these chemicals, it turns into a habit, and then an addiction. The severity of these habits and addictions can be measured by the effort required to stop. Chemically and emotionally speaking, almost anything pleasurable and or stimulating can become addictive at some level. What makes some addictions more harmful is when a person's health and their environment is negatively affected.

Posted date:16th Apr 2016

Sharing knowledge for all

Get inspired, question everything and start improving yourself. This blog shares everything I have discovered. Experimenting and researching health, seeing what works and more importantly, what doesn't. This Blog shares what I have discovered.

Posted date:16th Jan 2016